About WiKiNepal

About WiKiNepal

nepal-sceneWikiNepal.org was created in an attempt to build a neat, clean and a comprehensive online encyclopaedia of Nepal and Nepali people. With its slogan Faces & Places of Nepal, the online project was launched in March 2015.

Our primary effort is to provide relevant and useful information about Nepal’s public faces and various attractions of Nepal. However, we also intend to produce issue based in-depth articles and short articles on Nepali culture and the way of life. So, to summerize, WiKiNepal.Org offers information about:

  • Nepal’s Who’s Who (i.e. extended biographical accounts of Nepal’s public faces)
  • Places and Institutions (i.e. information about different places, for example, Lumbini or the Kathmandu Durbar Square)
  • Short Articles (on Nepal, Nepalis, and Nepali culture and way of life)
  • Extended Information (i.e. issue-based in-depth articles about Nepal, for example, this one about Poverty in Nepal)

Since WikiNepal is a recent startup, it will take some time to mature. However, we welcome people passionate about Nepal and Nepali culture to be part of it and contribute. You can contribute by writing short articles, by submitting an Wiki entry or even by sharing photos that you took during your recent trip to Nepal.

Use the Submission Form to make submissions.

If you have any queries, get in touch with us by email: info@wikinepal.org