Anmol KC (अनमोल केसी in Nepali) is an award-winning Nepali actor, film producer and a model. Anmol is son of another veteran Nepali actor and movie director/producer Bhuwan KC and his former wife and Nepali actress Sushmita KC.

Reluctant to continue his college education, Anmol started his movie career in 2013 debuting in a Nepali movie named Hostel. The movie was a commercial success and received many positive reviews from critics. Hostel’s commercial success and critical acclaim established Anmol as an aspiring, new star of Nepali cinema.

Early Life & Education 

Anmol KC was born on 30 March 1995 in Kathmandu, Nepal and spent his childhood there. His parents divorced when he was still a child and he stayed with his father, though he maintained regular contacts with his mothther Sushmita. Anmol was admitted to a prestigious residential boarding school, Malpi International School at an early age.


Native Name: अनमोल केसी

Born: 30 March 1995, Kathmandu

Profession: Actor, Film-producer

Height: 6ft


In an interview given to Onlinekhabar, a Nepali newsportal, Bhuwan KC recalls Anmol’s early interests in music and sports rather than in education:

“Like I was interested in singing since my early age, Anmol also took interest in music and sports rather than in studies. I wasn’t very weak in studies, neither was Anmol. It was a matter of interest. I used to sing songs in Radio Nepal since early age and Anmol, too, formed a band with his friends at an early age. In that sense, he had inherited my nature.”  

When asked whether he liked staying in a residential boarding school, Anmol said that he in fact enjoyed there as he had my friends there and was able to have a lot of fun.

Movie Career

Anmol KC’s first movie appearance was in the Nepali movie “Sathi Ma Timro” which was produced by his father Bhuwan KC. Anmol, however, didn’t have a major role in the movie and made just a guest appearance. He started his movie career debuting in the 2013 Nepali movie Hostel which was directed by Hemraj Bc. and was produced by Sunil Rawal. Anmol acts as Aditya Bikram Rana in the movie. Hostel is a teenage romance movie that portrays difficulties that Nepali teenagers go through while staying at a residential boarding school or normally known as hostels.

On 14 November 2014, Anmol KC’s second movie Jerryy was released. The movie was once again a commercial success and Anmol received mostly favorable reviews. In Jerryy, Anmol acts as Jaiveer Rana or Jerry, a son of a Kathmandu elite and is very casual when it comes to love and relationships. Jerry believes that love is like a Chinese mobile which doesn’t come with a guarantee. However, his trip to Mustang and an unusual encounter with Aakansha (Anna Sharma)- a young beautiful girl with a passion in photography- changes everything.

In March 2016, Anmol’s third movie Dreams was released. Dreams is directed by his father Bhuwan KC and Anmol is the leading actor apposite Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah. Dreams instantly became a huge commercial success and helped Anmol reach another milestone in his journey of stardom. Since the movie was very popular, Anmol was surrounded by hundreds of fans in movie theaters he visited. Because of fan-craze, Nepal Police provided him an extra security. In addition, Anmol had 4 security guards with him in his cinema-hall and promotional event visits.

Anmol is reported to be one of highest paying Nepali actors. PahiloPost in early 2016 reported that Anmol was paid 0.8 million NRS to act a leading role in an upcoming movie called Gajalu.

Anmol KC & Anna Sharma 

Anmol-Kc-and-Anna-SharmaMany Nepali tabloids have reported Anmol and Anna as being in a romantic relationship and dating as a couple, but Anmol and Anna have rejected the claims. Though they have appeared in many events together, they have stated that they are just very close friends. In a video interview given to a Nepali online media, Anmol says that as co-actors it’s natural for them to form a type of close bond, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in a romantic relationship.

In other interviews, Anmol has often said that though he considers himself a playboy of his school days, he no longer goes after girls in that manner anymore. Rather, he stresses, his focus is exclusively on his film career.

Anmol KC with Samragyee Rajya-Laxmi Shah, his co-actor from the movie Dreams.
Anmol KC with Samragyee Rajya-Laxmi Shah, his co-actor from the movie Dreams.

Personality & Family Issues 

Contrary to film roles that he has done mostly as a social, outgoing boy, Anmol says, in interviews, that he is rather a reserved and introverted person. In an interview given to NagarikNews, he said:

“I am an emotional person. I am reserved too. I don’t get along with anyone easily. Maybe you don’t believe, but I have just 4 friends and I don’t want to make more either. Maybe I lived in hostel for many years and that made me like this. I don’t go out so often. I enjoy being at home and being in my own room.”

In another interview given to OnlineKhabar, Anmol says that he exercises every morning, loves swimming and horse-riding and enjoys traveling to different places. When asked what was his weakness, he replied that he couldn’t progress in his studies and he considered that as an weakness.

Anmol is an avid film-watcher. He says in an interview that he has watched almost all English movies and since there’s nothing left to watch from Hollywood, he is lately browsing German and Spanish movies.

Anmol’s parents divorced when he was still a child and since then he has tried many times to reconcile them but hasn’t been successful. In one interview he said:

“I tried many many things to make them back together. I even said that I would kill myself if they did not reconcile. But nothing worked. Now I understand that they are living their different lives and it’s their choice.” 

Awards & Honors 

Anmol received the 2014 Box Office Film Award for Best Debut Actor for Hostel. He also received the INFA Award (Hong Kong) 2014 for Best Debut Actor for the same movie. He has been nominated to many other movie awards in Nepal.

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