Evana Manandhar (born in 1992 in Kathmandu, Nepal) is the winner of 2015 Miss Nepal competition.

She is Nepal’s 20th Miss Nepal. Evana also won Miss Personality, Miss Intellectual and Gosh Girl tittles of the competition. Evana’s witty answer to the chief Judge Dr. Shanker Sharma‘s question ‘how do you see yourself in 15 years’ time?’ grabbed her the Miss Nepal crown. Replying to the judge’s question she said:

“I believe and I am determined that fifteen years down the line I see myself accomplishing achievements of personal and professional development skills. I want to pursue my dream to become a sole entrepreneur and a developer in the field of marketing. Thinking globally and acting locally is my message. I would want to unite the nation of Nepalese people and the society and spread love, gratitude, and hope to the community and overall all the Nepalese.”

Evana Manandhar after winning the Miss Nepal 2015 title on 18 April 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Nepali Name इभाना मानन्धर
Born 1992, Kathmandu
Title Miss Nepal 2015
Education BBA, Wilkes University

Final moments of Miss Nepal 2015 competition.

Early Life and Education

Evana was born in Kathamandu’s Bhotebahal in 1992 and attended Shuvatara School from 1994 to until she completed her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations in 2007. After her SLC, Evani joined Malpi Institute (also known as Malpi International College) and completed GCE A-level certificate in 2009.

After her GCE A-level, Evana moved to the United States to pursue further education in the area of business administration. In 2010 she joined Wilkes University‘s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program and graduated in May 2014 with specializing in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Evana Manandhar in April 2015.

Miss Nepal Journey and Other Hobbies

Prior to competing for the Miss Nepal competition 2015, Evana had never competed in a beauty pageant. She had travelled back to Nepal from the United States to take part in the competition.

Evana Manandhar said during the competition that she was going to be a successful marketing entrepreneur in the future. She was contestant number 14 of the competition which had altogether 19 participants. Evana is an avid traveller and fluent in English.

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