Rekha Thapa (1981-) is an award-winning Nepali actress, filmmaker and model. She started her modelling career at the age of 18 after competing in the 1999 Miss Nepal competition.

Her bid for Miss Nepal pageant was unsuccessful, but in 2001 she got a chance to act in her would-be husband’s movie Hero. Since then Rekha has worked in more than 100 Nepali movies and is considered a hugely successful and scandalous actress in Nepal. Lately she has started to work as a movie producer and director and owns a movie production firm, Rekha Entertainment. During the 2013 Constitution Assembly Elections in Nepal, Rekha supported the CPN Maoists and took part in their campaigns which was criticized by some her fans.

Rekha Thapa
Rekha arriving at a 2014 film award ceremony in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Born: 1981 (age 33)
Salakpur, Morang
Occupation: Film actress, producer, model
Years active: 1999–present
Religion: Hindu
Spouse(s) Chhabi Raj Ojha (2000-2012) Divorced

Early Life & Education

Rekha Thapa was born in 1981 in the Salakpur village in the Morang district of eastern Nepal. After completing School Leaving Certificate (SLC) and Higher Secondary education in humanities and social sciences, she moved to Kathmandu. Since she was more into fashion and modeling than into studying, she decided to discontinue her education and started looking for opportunities in modeling agencies and acting firms. Her parents wanted to see her as a doctor, but she decided to choose acting as her career.

rekha thapa is a sex symbol of Nepali movie industry
Rekha Thapa has acted in dozens of successful Nepali movies.

Thapa finally got a break when she was approached by a successful Nepali film producer Chahabiraj Ojha for a role in his upcoming movie Hero. Rekha co-starred the movie with Nepal’s longstanding superstar Rajesh Hamal. Since then Rekha has worked in several commercially successful and highly acclaimed movies in Nepal. Some of them include Himmatwali, Kali, Bato Muniko Phool, Andaaj, Veer and Minitni. Since 2013, she has started producing and directing movies of her home production.    

Sex Symbol, Politics & Scandals

Rekha Thapa is considered a popular sex symbol of Nepali movie industry. She is widely popular in the press for various scandals. In an interview with MixKhabar, however, she stressed that though she is considered a hottie and a sex symbol on screen, she is sexually a cold person in reality. She also emphasized that sex is not something that one should do daily, it should be a once-a-week or a once-a-month affair.

Rekha thapa’s this dance with Prachanda created a uproar in Nepal.

In 2009, Rekha came to media limelight when she danced with Prachanda, Nepal’s Maoist chairman and ex-primeminister. Prachanda was criticized for the act by his party cadres and the general public. Though a supporter of the Maoist party, she said in one interview that her favorite Nepali leader was BP Koirala.

Philanthropic Work

Thapa with her adopted-children.
Thapa with her adopted-children.

In 2013, Rekha Thapa established a non-profit organization after her name, The Rekha Thapa Foundation, and steered up social work activities for a while. She adopted four children from the disadvantaged Raute community in Western Nepal. The children are said to be studying in Ananda Kuti School in Kathmandu. In the same year, Thapa spend a day with the Rautes in Surkhet and made some donations. The Rekha Thapa Foundation donated NRS 50,000 to support education of the disabled students in Bal Jagriti College in Mahendranagar. Lately, there hasn’t been any significant update from the foundation about its work.

Personal Life

Rekha Thapa is considered a gossip queen in Nepal. Her tumultuous personal life feeds media stories on a daily basis.

Thapa had a welve-year long relationship/partnership with the film producer Chhabi Raj Ojha. Though the relationship was never registered, Ojha has claimed that the marriage ceremony was carried out in a traditional way and they were a married couple. Rekha Thapa hasn’t confirmed that they were legally married. However, the couple lived together, owned properties together, and invested in and produced movies together for years. In the summer of 2012, the couple ended their relationships.

After her divorce, Thapa started dating Sudarshan Gautam, a non-resident Nepali who co-starred with her in Himmatwali. Sudarshan is a Canadian citizen of Nepali origin and is physically disabled. Though the couple had plans to climb mountains together and make movies together, in March 2015 Rekha said in an interview that her affair with Sudarshan was a publicity stunt proposed by a journalist for commercial success of their movie. However, her claims didn’t seem to be true as the couple continued their affair. Sudarshan has a wife and a son from his previous relationship.

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